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“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.” ― Cameron Moll

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Design is subjective. However, no matter who the critic is, one thing for sure is that the beauty of design is established through details. It's the little things. The little accents, shadows, colors, shapes, gradients, highlights (need I go on?) that make a design come alive! Let's not get lost in this beautiful world of colors and wonder though. Ask yourself, what's a beautiful design without usability?

Good design and usability should come hand in hand. Sites should go under tedious user testing before being launched. User testing, as many people often overlook, studies and perfects the site architecture, screen flow, and eye travel to ensure ease of use and a fantastic user experience. Pretty colors are great, but just imagine the world that can be unleashed for your user with proper UX care.

My primary focus and specialty is front-end web development. This means I work heavily with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and front-end PHP. In fact, the development is my favorite part of any project. Like everything else, the web is always changing - therefore I strive to remain well versed in standards compliant markup. I build every site to be search engine friendly, using the most up-to-date principles and techniques.

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I like to make things look appealing, and I like to do things right.

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